Hoppy Easter!

Spent the day with family up north, where three Aunts now reside, instead of just two. We had ham, potatoes, green beans, and hot cross buns. “Just like Mom used to make.” Mmmm. Got that compliment from the Aunt related to Mom, which is great for my cooking self esteem! Not sure if she meant my mom, or her mom, but either way, awesome!

Thought baking yesterday would be theraputic after everything that’s happened recently, but I should have remembered that new recipies are never theraputic. And I tried two new ones. At once. Both came out great in the end, so that’s all well and good.

And then today was Easter, and we got to visit family. I love my family up north. They’re boisterous and funny and friendly and lovely. They do a great job of making me feel good. We had all sorts of stories to share, and there was even some drama when one cousin let his younger brother ride his motorcycle, and the younger brother proceded to tip it over and get it scratched and beaten up a bit. I think I’m glad I don’t have brothers.

Anyways, good family-time therapy. And while there was nothing particularly special about the gathering today to mark it as Easter beyond candy for the kids and a meal-time prayer, it was all family together. And sometimes, a big happy gathering is what you need.

Here’s to hoping everyone else out there had a happy Easter with loved ones too!