We spent the weekend in Monterey, working with the staff, namely Greg, James F and Ben, to teach an Open Water scuba class. It was chilly, but great fun, and I saw all sorts of cool things, including a Hermissenda, a San Diego Dorid and a Sea Lemon (all nudibranchs, or shell-less snails), a huge flounder/halibut-type fish, and a WHALE!! That was about the coolest part. It broke the surface out in the bay while we were wading in from our first dive on Sunday. Very neat.

I also got partially caught up on sleep by taking a nap in the hotel on Saturday, and sleeping 12 HOURS last night. I’m feeling much more well rested now that I was on Friday.

Also, I’m in a much better frame of mind. There are still issues that are weighty, such as the traumas of last week and the issues with Amelia, but I’ve decided that I need to move on from the first and put it in perspective, and the second is up to her to resolve and let me know when she wants to be friends again. In the mean time, I’m moving on with life, as *I* wasn’t the one who ceased communicationg six weeks ago now. Moving on. Right.

In other news, I’m officially getting a dry suit for diving, which will be great, given that the water temperature this weekend was 51F. COLD!! It doesn’t help that I’ve lost enough weight that my wetsuit now fits like a loose glove, not a snug glove. This is good, I keep reminding myself. It does mean lots of new expenses, like a new tropical wetsuit, a drysuit (which I was already going to get, I suppose), and almost an entire new wardrobe, since I no longer fit into a lot of my clothes. Or I do, but theyr’e baggy and not flattering. Yea, and yet…yikes!

And officially, John’s mom is meeting us in LA for Amy’s college graduation, and giving us her car to replace mine. Yea again! Especially since I don’t really think I trust my car much these days. We’ve got to figure out what to do with it, since I feel bad selling it to someone or giving it to charity. And this also means she’s officially visiting for a week, with John’s youngest brother and grandmother. I do not deal particularly well with the mother or brother, to be frank. I plan on spending a lot of time at work while they’re here. Last time they visited, I spent a lot of time with Amelia, but I’m guessing that may not be the case this time. Moving on, I promise!

So yes, the weekend did great things to restore my equilibrium in life, and I’m feeling pretty good. Hope you all are too!