Things may be looking up with Amelia.

She blogged today about being grounded from her bike by the doctor, as she’s sick. I didn’t want to touch the bike issue with the proverbial ten foot pole, but I sent her a “sorry you’re feeling bad, hope you get well soon” email. (Which yes, admits that I’m reading her blog for info about her, but what else was I to do?)

Shortly after, while I was away from my desk, she called. No message, no nothing.

I quietly freaked out as to what to do, but eventually got an email from her, to which I replied. Almost immediately, I got a call back, which I picked up, after panicking for about two rings.

We mostly talked about work, and a bit about the new guy in her life. She asked me how life was, so told her a bit about work, and that we’d been scuba diving all weekend.

We didn’t touch on the subject of what happened. Again, I’m chicken, apparently. But at least we had a conversation. There were a few awkward pauses when the current topic dwindled into silence and I wasn’t sure what to move on to, but not nearly as bad as lunch last week.

Also, she’s cancelled her date to come to my birthday, which I feel good about, but also bad about. But hey, she’s coming, and we’re rebuilding.

I think for now the best thing for me to do is just make contact every so often, like I did today, but not push things and let her take her own pace. And then, maybe when we’re more secure and back on our feet, so to speak, try to talk about what happened.

In other news, not much is happening. A friend’s birthday is today, and I’m home alone for the evening while John works late closing shop, so I’m planning on making scotcharoos as a birthday gift and some baking therapy.

Also, there are 4, count ’em 4, birthday celebrations for me in the works: one tomorrow night with lab friends, one Friday in lab for all lab people, one Saturday night with my school friends, and one Sunday night with my diving friends. Wheee! I’ll probably feel fat after all that restaurant food and cake, but hey, it’s time for some fun. Each birthday only comes around once!

I also talked to my parents tonight, which is usually good for a mood lifter. I’m really looking forward to seeing them and Amy in a couple weeks at Amy’s graduation. I get along with my family better with 1800 miles between us, but it does mean I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. My mom keeps saying that when they retire, they’ll move near us and babysit for us like her parents did, but she also says they’re going to retire to Wyoming or Montana. Frankly, I have ZERO intention of every living in either state, or anywhere that it snows on a regular basis, so there may be some conflicts there.

Ah well, off to make scotcharoos. Yum! Takes me back to my high school cross country days, when we’d have team Spaghetti dinners before meets, with tons of spaghetti, carrots, garlic bread and scotcharoos. It’s probably a wonder we could move the next day at all!

And scotcharoos are definitely a tasty, tasty treat!


Adapted from a recipe from

1C light corn syrup
1C white sugar
1 1/2C peanut butter
6C rice crispys
1 bag butterscotch chips
1 bag semisweet chocolate chips (regular chocolate chips are okay, but kind of overpoweringly sweet!)

1. Grease (pereferably with butter) a 9×13 baking pan. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry–these things are stickystickysticky!

2. Mix corn syrup, sugar and peanut butter together in a pot over medium heat, stirring until melted. Bring just to a boil (watch out for burning!), and then remove from heat and quickly stir in rice crispys. This may work better by transferring the peanut butter mixture to a big bowl containing the rice crispys, or using an oversized pan on the stove.

3. Pour/scoop/transfer the rice crispy-peanut butter mixture to the greased pan. Push it into place with a spoon or your hands. It should be cool enough to touch at this point. It helps if you grease your hands or the spoon with a little bit of cooking spray.

4. Melt over low heat the butterscotch chips and the chocolate chips until just barely melted. Be careful not to burn them! Spread over the tops of the cereal-peanut butter mix and let cool.