I sometimes have the disturbing ability to hang onto grudges long after I should let them go.

Case in point: Duke beat Arizona in the 2000 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game. I hate Duke. I probably always will. Even when I happened to work for a relative of J.J. Reddick’s, I couldn’t bring myself to like him or the team at all. Made me lie to my boss a lot when it came to basketball fanship.

Amelia took me to the Astros-Giants game last night so I wouldn’t have to be home alone, which was extremely lovely of her. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the Astros are her team, since she comes from Texas (nevermind that the UofA can’t be my team cause I lived in Arizona for only 12 years, according to her), and she’d been to the games the two previous nights.

I took a certain satisfaction in the fact that the Astros lost to the Giants 0-4 and then 2-4 in their first two meetings.

And then last night, they lost 1-9.

I felt like rooting for the home team, having more allegiance in my life to the Giants due to living in the area than I do to the Astros (though, to be fair, Amelia has cheered on the UofA with me, just not when they play Stanford..hrm). And I felt like rooting for the Giants just to be ornery, giving the friction of the last couple months.

However, she was suitably upset at the Astros’ loss, so I just kept my mouth shut and commiserated.

Overall, things are going a lot better. We certainly don’t do as much as we used to, though I’m not sure who’s fault that is, or if we’re just both busy. Plus, she’s got a new guy, and seems to also be hanging out much more with a girl from the next door lab. As she reminded me during the period she was mad at me, she’s got a large support group so she’s not reliant on me. (Gee, thanks.)

I’m trying to just shrug it off and not be upset, as she can be friends with whoever she wants to be. But I think this somewhat-irrational desire to cheer against her team is an indication that I haven’t quite let go of the hurt and anger I felt after her shabby treatment of me when she was mad. Aside from my mental state, I think things are back to normal between us, so hopefully I’ll get over this soon.

In the meantime, go Giants!

Go Yankees, too! (Love you, John!)