Memorial Day weekend this year meant two things: Night Diving Specialty class (yea!), and an extra day to go into work when normal people don’t have to (boo!).


John was horrendously sick at the end of last week, calling in sick for the first time in nearly two years. He was like a one-man snot factory. It was gross. Thus, he didn’t get to go diving, but he did get to drive to Monterey to make sure I didn’t fall asleep on the way home. Within an hour or two of getting out of the water, it becomes physically impossible for me to stay awake, and thus driving after diving doesn’t work.

We were helping one of our instructor friends, Bob, with the Night Diving Specialty class for the Dive Club in exchange for the certification. Saturday night, the viz wasn’t great, but the student I was diving with and I did see the biggest octopus I’ve seen yet at Breakwater. It was probably in the 1.5-2 foot range in length, and we got to see it change colors a bunch of times as it swam along. Of course, that probably means we were harassing it, but oh well. We didn’t stick around for too long.

The water temp was only 51°F, and normally it’s about 54-56°C. This meant I froze my patootie off. Brrrrr. I ended up calling the second dive, as my fingers and toes were tingly-numb, and it just wasn’t going to be any fun. It was, apparently, a great dive (of course), and the students had fun.

We went down again last night for the last night dive (specialty takes 3), and went to Lovers 3 in Pacific Grove. I’ve done precisely a half a dive there (as in, entered the water there, and exited at Lovers 2, and got somewhat lost in the process), so of course it made perfect sense for me to lead a group of divers, all of whom had done more dives there. (I did get to go with the Brits, Shelly and Nate, who are good friends and good divers.)

Alas, that’s what Divemasters are for. To trust their navigational skills when it’s all they’ve got, and to demonstrate good diving for their fellow divers. We did a straight out and back dive so as not to get lost, and didn’t see much, but did see a lot of bioluminescence during the “3 minutes with no lights” part of the dive.

And let me tell you, that 3 minutes went by both faster than I’d expected and took forever. That’s long enough to start messing with your head when you’re 30 feet underwater and it’s dark. It’s definitely long enough for your brain to start thinking of large toothy predators despite the fact that you’ve never seen one in Monterey. I’ve gotten better at telling my brain to shut up when it starts down that path.

But it was fun, and Bob is giving me the cert, even though I only did two dives. I’ve got 7 logged night dives other than these, so he’s trusting me and my capabilities. Four of them are either my night dive for Advanced, or with Advanced classes, so I’ve done them with instructors, and done or helped with the skills multiple times.

We’ve spent the rest of the weekend doing nothing, partly because John’s sick, and partly because that’s all we wanted to do. I did have to go into work every day and deal with cells—why can’t they just take care of themselves for a day with out me? Ah well.

We’re thinking of going to see Shrek 3 now. Seems like a good way to end a good weekend.

I’ve been up late, and slept in late, for the past couple of days (late night Pirates viewing, surprise birthday party, diving, and diving), so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Might as well enjoy the rest of today!!