John has started in on the countdown until we leave for the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, my brain interprets this as a countdown until I have to have all my data done and collected and analyzed for my talk/poster at the conference that immediately follows our trip to the Caribbean.

This is similar to when we got married.

Our wedding date was the same as the release date for a popular children’s book, and all the bookstores were advertising “16 days until The Book”, which my brain interpreted as “16 days to get every last little thing for the wedding done”. I nearly went into meltdown, and would have if it hadn’t been for Amelia and a lovely bartender several days before the big event.

Ah well, at the end of the next couple weeks is a white sand beach, plenty of diving, cheap drinks, and good friends.

I can live with that I suppose.

Let’s just see if my brain makes it that far…