So part of why I ended up here, at this site, was so nobody really knew who I was, and I could just write what I absolutely felt. Partly because Amelia was really mad at me at the time, and I wanted the freedom to say what was on my mind. And I think I’m pretty much completely over that. No, really. This time I am.

But a week or so ago, I wasn’t. And I admitted, at the time, that it kind of made me glad that the Astros didn’t beat the Giants. I did feel bad that she was upset, and that I had secretly been pretty ambivalent about the Astros and sorta pushing for the Giants.

Those three games were apparently the beginning of a 10-game losing streak by the Astros. And Amelia was not pleased.

Did I jinx them?

No, I know I didn’t, but my brain was feeling bad that it hadn’t been completely supportive, plus the whole butterfly flaps it’s wings in Asia thing, and there you have me feeling like I’m personal responsible for the Astros losing so much cause I’m not the best friend I can be at all times.



The Astros beat the someones…ah, the Reds…last night and officially snapped their losing streak.

And I really am truly very happy about that!