Because even making rediculously detailed lists and getting to cross something off makes me happy, you get this. Enjoy.


Finish talk for gigantic international meeting…eek!
Meet with Dr. M to go over talk…again.
Finish poster for same meeting.
Send poster to get printed.
Okay proof for poster.
Practice talk.
Condense talk into 12, that’s right, 12 minutes (totally doable-I talk fast when nervous, and believe you me, 1000 people listening is sure to make me nervous).
Finish fusion assays…again.
Finish various growth experiments.
Finish reading related literature (the stack is only 6 inches deep, people, this is totally resonable).
Arrange for lab mates to help with time points of various growth experiments while on vacation.

DM for Discover Scuba tonight (hereafter referred to as Disco Scuba cause that’s just more fun).
DM for pool party tomorrow morning.
Possibly do AI training stuff tomorrow morning before pool party.
AI training next Thursday possibly?
Caribbean travel meeting Monday.
Dive Club on Wednesday.
Finish arranging prelimnary details for non-diving Dive Club activity.
Game night Saturday.

Get car registered in CA.
Take care of car insurance.
Quietly freak out about sky-high comprehensive insurance on new car.
Decide that thus buying a drysuit right now is not financially feasible.
Get traveler’s checks for trip.

Pack for trip.
Clean house before trip (because I hate coming home to a dirty house).
Give the Albanian directions and a key so he can keep the cats and rabbit happy for a week.
Figure out if we need to buy rabbit and/or cat fud before leaving.
Empty out fridge of anything that will be green and moldy by the time we return.
Figure out picking up James M, who’s staying at our house the night before so as to be closer to airport.
Get dive gear bags out of storage.
Arrange shuttle to airport.

Find brain.
Attach to head more permanently.
Finish freaking out in general.


Alright, what have I forgotten. I’m sure there’s something, but only time will tell.