Only 4 more days until we leave!!

Well, at this point, it’s really more like 3 days and 4 hours.


Talk? Completed, as of now.

Poster? Completed, as of now.

“As of now”, referring, of course, to the meeting with Dr. M tomorrow, after which I have to change everything. Again.

And to wrap it all up, dinner with Amelia.

We haven’t seen that much of each other lately, partly because we’re both crazy busy (she’s leaving for Asia and then the Northwest, I’m leaving for the Caribbean and then the East Coast), and partly, I think, due to me being afraid to get my feet wet again.

But, she referred to me tonight as her best friend again, as in “It sucks that we’re so busy that I have to make a date to see my best friend.” So I’m feeling good, and feeling like I need to stop being a ninny and just call her up more often.

Of course, that requires time to call her up.

Ask me again about free time sometime after July 13.

Oh, wait, then I get to start AI training. Yippeee skippee. I’m really excited, let me tell you. (Now repeat all that in a totally monotone voice lacking any sort of excitement, and you’ve got an approximation for what I’m feeling about additional stresses in my life.)

We went to one of our old favorites for dinner, and ran into a waiter that we used to see all the time. He had a huge crush on her awhile back, and probably still does. I felt bad when we stopped going due to time constraints, and didn’t want him to think it was because of him. But we saw him, we joked about being chained to work (sadly, not really a joke at all), and had a good time, both with each other and with him when he could spare us a couple minutes.

Of course, after Friday, we won’t be in the same state again until July 18th. Amelia and I, that is. No idea about the waiter.


Then again, we’ll both have our conference talks out of the way, and will hopefully be less insane by then.

No guarantees, though.