So Dr. M and I had a chat last week.

We talked about what I need to acomplish to finish up this paper. We talked about where I’m going next.

We talked about my vacation plans for the next 1.5 years. We talked about John’s and my vague plans to stay in the area, buy a house, and thus my need to find a post-doc in the area.

Which brought up the topic of my graduation.

And she thinks, specifically, that I could graduate in two years. TWO YEARS!!! I mentioned that I’d like to walk at graduation in June, and she said she thought I could be close enough that I could get permission to walk a little early, walk, and then be done by July/August.

I know this is still two years away, but it means there is an official end in sight. More importantly, it means she sees an end in sight. And most importantly, it means she thinks I can achieve that end within that time frame.

I have to admit, that while I’ve been motivated before, this may be the biggest boost yet.

I will actually graduate. I will get my degree. I can do this!