Things are going wrong-er again. Like how we established this morning that pretty much all the research I’ve done in the last two and a half years needs to be redone, only correctly. We will ignore the slight monkeywrench this throws into my plans.


Things that have gone well lately or that have made me happy or that I am grateful for, because I need some reminding that life is generally good, even when lots of things go wrong:

1. I got flowers.

2. My new haircut is lovely.

3. I managed to re-do what the stylist did to my hair fairly well this morning.

4. I’m starting to lose weight again. Just a pound or two so far, but after hovering for so long, it’s something. (Please, please, don’t let me have just jinxed myself!!)

5. I have a brand new North Face fleece that I love and got for only $9 at REI.

6. I should maybe actually be done with Assisstant Instructor training by the time Open Water class starts in two weeks.

7. Basketball season starts in less than two months.

8. I managed to do a couple of the super-duper hard Sudoku after getting stuck on one a couple nights ago.

9. I get paid in a week or so. This means we made it through another budget crunch quarter.

10. The weekend is almost here and I’m NOT coming in to work AT ALL.

11. I finally talked with Amelia about how I’m kind of feeling left out due to the presence of someone who seems to be her new best friend over me.

12. We got approved for a mega-gigantic-are-they-crazy loan and might actually be able to buy something out here that’s nice to live in.

13. Amy is in a relationship and happy.

14. My parents are thinking of retiring soon. This means I/we didn’t completely bankrupt them with college.

15. I’m going home to visit in a couple months for Thanksgiving, and the tickets were free. Or, at least, we didn’t pay for them.

16. It hasn’t been insanely hot lately.

17. We have Discover Scuba tomorrow night, which is always a fun class.

18. John’s birthday is coming up, so I get to plan a fun party or something, which is always good.

19. The recent discovery of the gyro place down the road, and our subsequent food budget being spent ENTIRELY on gyros. And they make good pizza, too, according to John. I have yet to give up the gyros long enough to be willing to order pizza.

20. Birthdays of lots of friends are coming up, and that’s just fun.

21. Nate and Shelly get back from their honeymoon soon and are having a big party.

22. I’m getting paid $200 to let some psych undergrads take an MRI image of my brain. All I have to do is lay there.

23. We’re going out to dinner this weekend with some high school friends.

24. The party last weekend for a diving friend who got his Ph.D. was tons of fun.

25. I started the current lab joke about finding religous figures in our confocal images, sort of like finding them in grilled cheese sandwhiches. Yay, I’m funny!

26. I discovered the mistakes that were made (by others, but sadly somewhat perpetuated by me not checking for 2.5 years) now, and not post-publishing, requiring a correction or retraction. *shudder*

27. My new lab duty is great compared to the old one: it needs to be done more frequently, but only takes a couple minutes instead of a couple days.

28. My timer goes off in one hour, and then there’s only a couple things left to do, so I can go home somewhat early.

29. I learned how to do an IP, and did it correctly last week.

30. We get to have fajitas for dinner tonight.

31. John’s family has been very gracious in offering to help us with buying a house. So have my parents.

32. I’m all caught up, for the most part on dive club paperwork and business.

33. Nobody has scooped me in the research world. (Again, please, no jinxing!)

34. My new drysuit works perfectly.

35. I get all new dive gear sometime soon. (Wanna buy a complete set of 2-year-old gear? Good as new!)

36. The world’s most annoying labmate quit awhile back.

37. The world’s most annoying labmate isn’t welcome if she tries to come back, according to the two closests sources to the boss.

38. Preliminary rankings for college basketball have Arizona ranked in the top 25.

39. I’m going to get a brand new, much better underwater camera before going to Fiji.

40. I’m going to Fiji in a year.

41. And probably Papua New Guinea a year after that.

42. And then maybe either Galapagos or somewhere in the Indo-Pacific. Like Micronesia.

43. I get to go to a fancy party in a couple of weeks and FINALLY wear the “little black dress” that I got awhile ago and have never had a chance to wear, plus the new earrings I got as an anniversary present.

44. Amelia seems to have hopefully straightened her mind out about a guy that’s been leading her on for a year or so now. And I never actually had to hit her with a 2×4 to make her see the light.

45. Pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbuckys.

46. I watched “The Wedding Date” last night. I think it’s becoming one of my “I need to feel better” movies, along with Emma, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Under the Tuscan Sun (except for the snake!).

47. We finally watched the Jungles episode of Planet Earth on DVR and there were NO SNAKES! Very important, that.

48. There might be Killer Bunnies in the works this weekend.

49. I’ve found time to read again lately, mostly be pushing myself to make time, but it’s a joy I’d forgotten. Ah, how the trashy romance can perk up your mood!

50. I’m no longer out of sugar, so can bake tonight in order to have tasty goodies for DiscoScuba tomorrow night, which was the deal with Greg so that I didn’t have to get in the pool last night and mess up my brand new hairdo.

There, I have 50 things in my life that I’m grateful for, or that make me happy. And honestly, some are pushing it, and some aren’t that big, but I believe life and living are in the details. Yes, the big, sweeping, grand things matter, but the pleasure and love is in the details.

They’re there, you’ve just got to look for them. Sometimes they hide, but they’re always there.