Last night we were scheduled to practice our Assistant Instructor classroom presentations for knowledge development with James F. Before leaving, Greg asked for our outlines.

Outline? What outline?

So then we got the whole nine yards lecture about not winging it and all.

Winging it? Weren’t we going to practice it tonight? Doesn’t that mean not winging it?

Anyways, so we’ve (I’ve) written outlines and we’ve (I’ve) practiced them, and we’re (I’m) hopefully all ready to go tonight. I can’t vouch for John on any of these. He’s supposedly done it at work today, but we all know how well that plan is likely to go.

I’m nervous.

I can get up in front of people and talk. I can do scuba. So it goes to reason I should be able to get up in front of people and talk about scuba.

I’m not worried about the pool or ocean sessions–we’ve done that enough in real life with students that I think it’ll just be fun.

The skill circuit? Done it before, I can do it again, dammit.

The 800 meter swim? Ugh, but same as above.

The standards exam? Frankly, it’s how well you can look the information up in the Instructor Manual, so again, not real worried. We may actually do this tonight.

But the classroom presentation? I’ve never done it before. I’ve watched Greg and James F and Ben countless times, as well as other instructors, but I’ve. Never. Done. It. Myself.

So I’m feeling better now than I did last night, and we are definitely more prepared with our outlines in hand, but I’m still nervous.

Especially since, if I screw this one up, the other thing I have to teach is 7 slides instead of 2. Ugh.

Stick to the outline. Stick to the outline. Sticktotheoutline!!!!

Get it? Got it! Good!