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Well, that was certainly more exciting that the World Series!

Last night I got to experience my first California earthquake. Woot!

We were in class, taking DEMP, an emergency first aid class I highly recommend for any professional diver, and the shop just started shaking, as if someone was running/pounding across the upstairs floor. I actually thought it was that at first, until Matt said, “Well, that’s an earthquake.”

Afterwards, we helped pick up around the shop, and made sure all the other students in the other classes and in the pool area were okay. Then we started up class again.

It was pretty cool, actually. I remember the noise, and the way it seemed to ripple across the store, although the ripple in my memory is going the wrong direction from the epicenter, so maybe that’s just a figment of my imagination. It gave me a nice dose of adrenaline, but that’s about it.

That, in and of itself, was quite nice.

I got up way early in the morning to go to the doctor, and then had a crazy day running around at work. I finished up two experiments, the data from which I wanted to include in my talk, the slides of which are due today. Slacker? Naw. That’s the life of a grad student. Crazy.

Since I’d had a doctor’s appointment, I’d parked in the really close parking garage. And of course, I walked all the way to the far one, and to the third floor, before remembering. At least I had a nice chat wiht my parents during the back and forth walking.

Without that extra adrenaline, I might not have made it all the way through class.

Anyhoo, Happy Halloween to all those of you taking kids out or waiting at home for them. I’m still at work, so sadly, although our porch light is (hopefully) on, there’s no one at home to hand out candy. More for John to eat, I suppose.

Also, I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo, so wish me luck! I thought it would be a nice encouragement. Because, seriously, I need more to do in life right now. As if work plus a departmental retreat, an approaching committee meeting, football season, and basketball season weren’t enough.

Gotta save my words for November now!


My cats, they love to yak. It’s gross.

Being a dog person, I do not approve in the slightest.

Especially when they projectile vomit just as I’m about to leave the house.

And then again as I’m cleaning the first spot.

Does anybody want two slightly used cats?

Not being a Red Sox fan, but really having nothing against them, I think that World Series could have been more interesting. A couple of close games, like this last one, would have been nice. Or drawing it out to the 7th game. Just to keep people on the edge of their seats. I mean, really, let’s see some good close games, dammit. Ah well, congrats to those boys anyways.

Not much going on, other than baseball. Work all day, despite it being a weekend day (weekend? what’s that?), plus grocery shopping and errands and some cleaning and cooking. Very domestic, aren’t we?

We did have fun celebrating John’s birthday. We went out with some of our friends from my work on Friday night, to a local greek restaurant that has incredibly good hummus and lentil soup. We had a lot of fun, and went for drinks and dessert afterwards to extend the evening a bit.

Then, last night, we went out with friends from his work. We learned a year ago that the two groups just don’t really mix, as they don’t know each other. Plus, the group from my work is small (we had 5 other people to dinner), whereas the people from his work are many (we had at least 25 people to dinner), and as my group is outnumbered, they tend to cower in a small group and not mingle. So we did two separate dinners.

We went to a local BBQ joint, where we could have tasty food and views of the TVs in the bar area. We had a great time, joking around and having fun. This place, Andy’s BBQ in Santa Clara, has some of the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had, and their peach cobbler dessert is incredible.

Afterwards, we went to James and Cara’s place for some Halo. Nate and Shelly came along, and we got to see their wedding pictures, which Cara, Shelly and I cooed over, while the boys steadfastly ignored us in favor of shooting each other with grenade launchers. James, especially, as the male half of the only unmarried couple there.

A weekend full of work during the day, and fun at night, and then a rather disappointing finale to the world series.

And this week is only a 4-week, as we’ve got a big seminar series Friday and Saturday. Gotta get my presentation ready, then work on what I’m going to say when I’m up in front of everyone. I got comments back from Dr. M on my slides, and I should have time to deal with them sometime tomorrow. I hope.

Why has life been so hectic lately? Makes me think of the University of Phoenix online commerical. Life is a wheel, and I’m the hamster.


Happy birthday, my love!

When the object of one’s wrath appears behind one, during a venting of frustration over said wrath, one really ought to get a warning beyond the momentary nodding of one’s conversational partner’s head prior to being greated by said object.

Did that make sense? No? Good.

Today went great in some ways. I’m renewed on a different training grant for next year, and instead of $700 educational stipend, I get $2000 travel stipend. Portugal, here I come!

I started the gigantic-pain-in-the-ass titration time point study (jarrgon there, very important, more warning labels, I suppose, *sigh*) today, so as to have a limited amount of work to do tomorrow during John’s birthday.

Tonight we’re going out for Greek food for John’s birthday. Mmmmm. Hummus.


I discovered an overlooked mutation (and who can really blame me for overlooking 1 out of 10), but this mutation and the resulting corrections I tried to make (not knowing it was there), caused me to lose 16bp of DNA. How do you lose DNA? It vanishes. I know, jarrgon and all, technical crap, you’re (possibly) not sciency, I apologize.

And my grand plan to leave early enough to go home and make John a cake, possibly the one that highwaters mentioned awhile back, and to be able to go birthday shopping for something, anything, to give him as a present, are clearly delusional, as I’ll be lucky to leave lab before 8pm, and our reservation is at 8:30.

And then the ex-labmate who caused all the recent problems appeared behind me while I was kevetching about having to fix everything. She asked how work was, and I told her fine. She asked if I’d submitted my manuscript. I thought about hitting her (and truth be told, my other two labmates thougth I might), but just told her I was still working on some bits and pieces. As in, the WHOLE DAMN THING!

How is it, when you’ve been panting for the opportunity to tell someone off for all the trouble they’ve caused, and then your’e suddently given the perfect opportunity, you can’t be as mean as you’d like to be?

I pride myself on being a nice person, but oh! how I was I could have truely told her just exactly how things were going.

I can be all sorts of nasty and vidictive in private, or with John or Amelia (not to them, with them), but in person, face-to-face, I’m just too damn nice sometimes.

At least she’s gone, and hopefully for good, which means I can actually rant outloud at work now. ARGH!

Oh, I’ll leave you with one more good thing: Basketball starts in just over a week!

Awhile back, I was listening to NPR. They were discussing rugby.

The guy was talking about running into the South African rugby team leaving a McDonalds in London (I think).

He said they were huge guys, tall and built to run for 80 minutes, not like the ‘athletic tubs of goo that make up NFL linemen’.

In that case, rugby may be the new sport for me!

That being said, I still heart Posada. Please come back to the Yankees so I can see you play next year!!!

Never Always buy stuff from company/product reps that bring you food, like Krispy Kreme. You will be very fat happy!

Oh god, why does my will flee when faced with frosted sugar? It’s not my fault, I swear, those things are made with crack in them so you just have to keep eating them!

And when combined with the effects of a Dove bar AND some chocolate (extra dark ohdeargod!) from last night, the recent foray into 125lb territory is swiftly receeding.


But it was fun night. We went over to James M’s house for some grilled goodies (and the aforementioned chocolate). James F and Cara were also there, and the boys mostly played Halo while we girls discussed chocolate cravings during certain times of the month.

The boys pretended not to listen, I believe.

It was fun, but resulted in a late night and a heavy scale in the morning.

Seriously, no will power right now when it involves chocolate. Especially if said chocolate is wrapped around either Dove ice cream or fried chewy goodness filled with Bavarian cream.


So yes, representatives, I thank you, but my blood sugar levels do not.

Funny, I was so excited to finally, after 4 years, have lost enough weight to come off the medicine I was on, and now that I suddenly have plateaued and can’t lose any more weight, despite the doctor’s continued urging (and the damn donuts), I’m almost missing the times when I couldn’t eat because I was so damn nauseous all the time.

But I’d rather be healthy and struggling than where I was before.

Now I’ve just got to avoid the rest of the donuts until the rest of the lab eats them all!

Dear self,

Next time you have to do journal club, either pick a less complicated article, or start sometime prior to 4 hours before the event.



Okay, but I made it through. I managed to get the whole presentation put together and sorted out, and got through it (hopefully) sounding relatively intelligent.

Now if the cloning would just work out the same way…

And if John would just stop watching Family Guy.


I just had an MRI, and the technician guy told me my brain was beautiful. Yay brain!

I’m fine, it was for a study, life is good, no worries!!

So even if all else fails, I have a pretty brain.

I don’t think, however, this will be much consolation to the Cleavland Indians, alas.

I woke up this morning more tired than when I went to bed, despite 8+ hours of sleep. Explain that. Stupid alarm clock.

So, in other news, and in the vein of something more amusing then my own self-pity, this was heard last night while watching The Office, and nearly made me choke on refried beans:

“We’ve become wireless here recently, and as soon as we discover where Moe hid all the wires, we’ll have the electricity back on.”


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