It’s way to early to be at work on a Sunday, but here I am, waiting for digests to run and reading about Cal’s loss to OSU and LSU’s defeat by Kentucky. Rob Thomas’ Ever the Same is playing on iTunes. Good song, that.

And what am I doing? Trying desperately not to cry, for some reason.

Sometimes, you just need to cry. It’s a good release. But here, now, is not the place or time.

I’m not even sure why. Yesterday was fun. An insanely early morning in lab to get several hours worth of work in before Amelia’s birthday lunch, followed by Stanford’s spectacularly good (for them) three quarters, and TCU’s last-quarter comeback.

Someone got it through the Stanford football player’s heads that the game continues after halftime, but now they need to work on remember to play in the fourth quarter as well as the third. And defense? KEY INGREDIENT!

Then back to lab to set up some overnight stuff, and off to dinner at a local pizza joint, which was insanely tasty. We finished the night at a local bar, watching the end of the Indians-BoSox game and getting Amelia rather tipsy. She may be hurting pretty hard this morning.

All in all, it was a good day. Amelia had fun, I got to hang out with her and a bunch of other friends, and I didn’t get too sun burned at the game, despite standing in the boiling sun for 4 hours.

Today, after I finish here, we’re off to brunch in the city to continue her birthday celebrations.

So, really, a pretty good weekend. Tiring, as I’ve been into lab two hours earlier than normal and it’s a WEEKEND, people. Gah. At least the lab manager was here yesterday morning, so I ‘get credit’ for it, if nothing else.

Why then do I feel like crying?

Maybe I just need a really good nap.


That should happen sometime next Sunday, judging by the calendar.