I’ve got baseball on in the background, I’m in my pajamas, I’ve got tasty leftover soup for dinner at somepoint, and I’ve got my computer to play solitaire with or some books somewhere.

Life was looking good.

And then One Smart Cookie had to go and freak me out. (Hi! Thanks!)

I am totally prey to my overactive imagination at times. Frankly, I’m amazed that I’ve made it through three seasons of CSI. Granted, sometimes we have to stop watching and let the episodes pile up on the DVR while I clear my head, but we still watch.

I did have to give up Criminal Minds, despite Inigo Montoya, when the sick and twistedness got to be too much.


I left work late, too, and had to call John and have him talk to me all the way to the car. It’s lit the whole way, but not very well in some places, and it’s a 12min walk, and with John getting home late tonight, were something to happen, no one would know for way too long.

As he described it to his boss, “I’m making sure she doesn’t get stabbed and murdered and raped, at least without me knowing about it.”

Thanks, sweetie, love you too!

But yeah. I think it’s resonable to aware of your surroundings and implement safety measures, especially if you’re female. I’d like to think the ‘female’ part of it doesn’t matter, but sadly it does.

And now I’m home, and the door is locked, and we haven’t turned the heater on so the house isn’t (yet) going to burn down, and the iron isn’t on.

Then again, I wouldn’t put anything past the cats.