Well, the internet was slow enough, and it was cold enough outside, at home, that I just basically checked email for things that appeared immediately important, posted enough to try to make it through NaBloPoMo, and checked the headlines to make sure the world still existed.

Which meant, upon arriving home Friday, I had 400+ post to read. You people write a lot. And there are a lot of you. In all fairness, I most just read the newest post, so it wasn’t that many, but it was a. lot.

But it’s good to be home where the weather is warm(ish), the bed is my own, the internet is fast, and life is good. Family is fun, but when you’re constantly on family-behavior for 4 days because you have to make the most of those 4 days, it’s pretty exhausting. Not that I wasn’t grateful to be home and sharing the holidays, and not that I’m not looking forward to doing it all again in a month, but home is home. You know? Good.

The beasts cats don’t seem to have missed us much, other than trying to insert themselves under our skin as we try to sleep, being the sort of beasts cats that only want attention when you want to sleep. George the Bunny is still as twitchy as ever, and would be allowed out if he hadn’t immediately left his cage and chewed through the cord on the handvac that we use to clean up after him. He, apparently, was miffed at being stuck in his cage for 6 days straight. Not that I blame him, but that vac was useful.

Friday was a recovery day. Immediately after being picked up by Amelia, I drove with her to the other airport to pick up a classmate of ours. We then flaked on the couch watching football, went to the local Mexican joint for dinner, and then John and I hit the sack at 7pm, and were asleep by 7:30. Yes, you read that right. But in all fairness, we’d been up and about since the equivalent of 1am.

Yesterday was also all about sports. We went to the joke of a football game that was Stanford v. Notre Dame. There were so many turnovers and unbelievably bad plays that it was like a comedy of errors. Not only the players, but the refs. I don’t think I’ve ever watched/seen a game that had three calls overturned. Sadly, Notre Dame committed the least number of errors, and thus won. The Stanford basketball boys took this to heart, and played hard and pretty well against Colorado State. They need to work on getting rebounds–they hardly got any, and that’s going to work against them when they play a team that’s good. Amazingly, Robin Lopez played a great game–he made free throws, he made a 3-pointer, and he had a couple good blocks. The kid is really improving since last year.

Today, I’m just vegging on the couch, waiting for the Arizona-Kansas game to start up in about an hour, cleaning so that rabbit fur doesn’t make the other Zona fan who’s coming over have a massive allergic reaction, and basically catching up with all of you.

I’ll congratulate Arizona on setting up a good pre-conference schedule that will give them a great Strength of Schedule ranking in the pools, but at the same time, if they don’t win these games, that’s going to hurt them a lot. And a lot of the ESPN guys are giving the game to Kansas. Ouch. I think my team is, sadly, on a downswing, but I refuse to give up hope in them. Go boys go!

And so, to leave you with something that’s better late than never, here are some things I was/am thankful for, but haven’t had time to post:

For family who, despite the fact that we haven’t always gotten along, still is wonderful and warm and inviting and friendly. And for a family of in-laws that make my family look normal, and who have recently decided to accept me with open arms, despite their past views.

For friends, like Amelia and Rhiannon and James and Cara and everyone else, who are there for me when I need them, and who are just plain fun to be with.

For John. And everything about him. Even his family, I suppose.

For the fact that we have a roof over our heads, good jobs, and enough money in our bank account to make it until I get paid again in January. For our cats and rabbit, and our ability to have what we have and enjoy it.

For my job, which I do enjoy, despite the tedium and hardship and problems I’ve faced.

For you people out in the void who stop by, either regularly or randomly, either of which makes me happy.

For lots of things that I take for granted every day, that people all over the world don’t have and that I should learn to appreciate.