Wednesday night we went into San Francisco to have dinner with Amelia and the ex. We went to a restaurant that they discovered awhile ago, but to which John had never been, and I’d only been once for Amelia’s birthday brunch.

We started the night off with a round of wine tasting, and it was dessert wines, so of course we had appropriately paired desserts with each course. We had a great gewurztraminer, two good ports, and a madeira. One of the ports and the madeira had a bit too high of alcohol content for me to be happy with–just too much of a bite over the other flavors, but they tasted good. And we got baked apples, chocolate cake to die for, and some cheese/wine/honey. I was full when it was done and we still had dinner!

We ordered two appetizers to split, and ended up getting a third on the house–always good to go with people who are known. Plus a bottle of red for the three of them and a glass of good riesling for me. And then dinner was pork tenderloin for me, and my have restored my faith in pork done right. Iowans like to slice it thin and bread it and deep fry it. Yes, some of them are incredibly tasty, but not all of them, and some are downright bad. But this? This was heaven in one piggy bite. And with the apple and bacon stuffing? Really? So. damn. good. I took about 2/3rds of it home.

After all that, we had coffee, and since John hadn’t had nearly enough food, he ordered the “milk and cookies” dessert. That may be the only time I’ve ever seen “milk and cookies” on a menu. Tasty, but I was too full to really enjoy anything any longer.

Very fun, and we made New Year’s plans. Cause, really, what better way to celebrate NY’s than with your best friend…and her ex. But they’re good friends and he’s a nice guy. It would just be better if he’d let her go the way she’s let him go. And really? It’s been almost a year and a half. So, yeah… But he is our friend, and she definitely is, so it’ll be fun.

Last night, then was the party at the spa. We (Amelia, Rhiannon and I) managed to snag some of the last gift bags, eat lots of chocolate, drink lots of champagne, and get scalp and shoulder massages. Mmmmm.

Today was not so happy and carefree, with doctor’s appointments and what not, but Amelia and I are almost about to be off to get our hair cut, and then there’s a departmental party, which should be good fun, even if it is work people, and thus not as fun as simply getting friends together.

Anyways, things are going well. I’m not getting as much work done as I planned to, but really, that happens every year during the holidays, and probably to most people. Or maybe my work ethic just degrades a bit when there’s holiday cheer inviting me to leave at a normal hour, like 5pm, instead of 8pm.

Hope those of you with holiday cheer are enjoying the season, and those without are finding joy in those around them!