When you say “2500 characters or 300 words” but what you really mean is “300 words and only 300 words sohelpyougod, oh and 2500 characters despite 2500 characters actually equaling about 400-450 words”, but I take you at face value and write an abstract that’s less than 2500 characters but about exactly 398 words?

And it’s shiny and beautiful and perfect as it is? Which happens to be a form you don’t like, so you summarily chop off the last 98 words?

Things don’t go so well.

When I write a beautiful abstract and try to submit it to your competition so I can (hopefully! please cross your fingers!) go to Portugal in July, and then you stymie my efforts by making me take out ONE FOURTH of my words, things don’t go so well.

My once shiny beautiful abstract? Bit marred by the chopping.


Please, virus gods? Please, can I go to Portugal?