I go away for 5 days, then am incredibly busy for 2 days, and next thing I know there are 205 new posts on my RSS feed.


But the last two days have been full of experimentation, sadly not on the undergrads, no matter how annoying they may have been, so there’s been little time to play catch up. Let’s put it this way: I ate lunch at 7pm today.


So, a couple points, just to clear them out of my brain:

1. I’m damn proud to be at Stanford, but it’s the sense of entitlement I get from the undergrads and loutish drunken behavior that also make me damn glad I’m a graduate student and not one of them.

2. This current experiment sucks. 4 Tuesdays of lots of stuff to do. Today was a 9 hour day and I skipped lab meeting. This doesn’t bode well for the next 3 to go. You add in lab meeting, and it becomes a double-digit hour day, easily.

3. Rhiannon caught a whale (Pacific Life was a sponsor, thus they threw out whales to the crowd) for me at the Pac-10 Tourney. It was during the Arizona-Stanford game, nonetheless. In honor of the Arizona player Jerryd Bayless, I’ve named it Jerryd Whayless. Haha, I’m funny. (Or John is–he thought of it.)

4. I’ve finally gotten to the uber-hard sudoku in my book. Yes, I’m a dork. Big dork. But it makes me happy.

5. Taxes suck. Especially when you’ve theoretically been paid $20K more than you actual got. Wish I had the money. In which case, I’d happily pay the taxes on it.

6. It’s nice to be home in your own bed.

7. We’re going wine tasting tomorrow night with Amelia. Fun. The Ex is supposedly going to be there. Not fun. Stay tuned.

8. If you don’t have Coke, rum goes well with Diet Dr. Pepper.

9. The back pain induced by a day in the car, 4 days in a stadium seat, and another day in the car sucks. Lots. I’ve been eating ibuprofen like candy. Should have bought the sugar-coated ones.

10. There’s nothing like the sympathetic ear of a best friend when you need to rant. Or at least, I hope so, given the ranting poor Amelia’s been pushed to in the last couple weeks. Good thing we took her on vacation for a couple days, and hopefully it did some good.

11. One of the students who failed to check his air and ran out at 80+ feet underwater on me and James F came back to the dive shop. He wants to take the Rescue class. Good for him for wanting to improve his skills and safety. You couldn’t pay me enough money to teach him. Not enough zeros in the business world.

12. I’m going to eat some M&M’s, finish my Rum and Dr. and go to bed. Maybe tomorrow, after work, wine tasting, and finishing my NCAA bracket, I’ll finally catch up on some of your posts. Slow down, will you? Just for a bit?