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Let’s just say that dinner tonight was hilarious, and I hope we didn’t disturb the other patrons with our laughter.


The best thing to do with a long, hard, painful day?

(Note to self: Never do that much work in the containment hood after physical therapy!)

Sandwich it between a girl’s night out and a great day.

Wednesday night I went out with Cara for mexican food and drinks and some girl time, which we’d both been lacking lately, and it was just a lot of fun.

Then, today, I got good news from the chiropractor–when I first came to see her, she described the muscles in my neck as “solid”, meaning there was no suppleness or give, and she couldn’t feel my joints because of the tenseness. Today, she said there were tense areas, but the muscle is supple again–it gives, and she can feel joints. Thus, I’m getting better, at least in the sore back/neck area. Whee!

The other fun stuff is coffee with Sydney, who’s done with clinics early today, followed by basketball watching. Then I’m off to dog sit for the evening and weekend. This is the same dog we sat for last Thanksgiving, and I think it’ll be a fun, relaxing weekend.

Plus, it’s only the second full weekend John’s had off this year (and it’ll be at least May before he gets another one, given the April schedule), so we’re going to make the most of it. He has a job, so I’m not complaining too much, but geez, it’s nice to see my husband sometimes, you know?

The plan was to dive, but I think instead we’re just going to be lazy–do a bit of dog walking, a bit of gardening, a bit of house rearranging, and a bit of nothing. Okay, let’s be frank, he’ll be doing the gardening and house stuff, and I’ll be helping as best I can, but still.

All in all, a good set of days. It’s always good to balance the lows with the highs.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Remember back, oh, maybe 10-12 weeks ago? When I mentioned I’d hurt my shoulder?


Well, I did. Somehow. The left side of my neck hurt. Then the pain moved into the right side. Then down into my shoulder blade. And then down into my side, to the point where I felt like I had a stitch from running to far, despite doing nothing but laying on the couch on a heating pad, eating ibuprofen like candy. It wasn’t fun.

I went to the doctor, and since I’m not a fan of Student Health’s physical therapy people (not being a student athlete and all), I got a referral to a chiropractor.

All was going well for the most part, and the pain was slowly going away. At least to the point where I was no longer single-handedly keeping ibuprofen people in business and could do things with my right arm. Simple things, like pick up a half-gallon of milk. Ah, the small pleasures in life, right?

Then, about two weeks ago, I started going backwards. More pain in my shoulder blade. New pain in the fronts of my shoulder joints, right where you’d draw an imaginary line between your arm and your body.

In fact, right where your rotator cuff is.

Wait, what now? Rotator cuff? Umm, not so good.

So off I went to see the doctor again, and got another referral to a physical medicine specialist, who gave me a referral to a physical therapist (thankfully a real one, not student health).

Up to this point, no one besides the chiropractor had done anything other than ask me where it hurt, to move my arm a bit, and to tell me I had a sore muscle. And they’d all asked me what I did for a living, then suggested I stop doing it. Riiiiiiight.

The physical therapist lady, on the other hand, was lovely. She asked a ton of questions, took a lot of notes, then had me do a bunch of resistance movements, with her providing the resistance and me telling her it was fine/uncomfortable/pressure/pain/ouch/etc. It took almost an hour. She also had me relax and then moved my joints around, presumably to see how much they did move.

Then she sat me down and gave me the news. Apparently, I have what’s called hypermobile joints in my neck and shoulders. This means the joints allow extra movement of my shoulder and/or vertebrae. More than the average person. A common symptom/sign is double-jointedness, which I don’t have, but I’m still hypermobile.

The pain in my shoulders and neck/back? While possibly stemming from some initial muscle pull, is likely from what’s called hypermobile insufficiency. Basically, the muscles around my shoulder joints (i.e. those four fun little muscle that make up your rotator cuff), as well as the ones in my neck/back/shoulders, are tired of dealing with the extra movement.

And so they’re complaining. By producing pain. And all the bench work and desk work I do for a living is not exactly helping.

And the extra fun news? Unlike a pulled muscle, this won’t get better. I can do physical therapy to increase the strength of the muscles to hopefully avoid more pain, but it’s going to be a life-long struggle to stay ahead of the weakness.

While I’m glad to know why I’ve been hurting for close to three months, I’m not exactly happy with the diagnosis. Frankly, a pulled muscle sounds better. Or at least shorter-term.

And so the verdict is: Physical therapy twice a week for at least a month, if not more. Chiropractor once a week, for my back, mostly. Diving is permissible for now if I never carry weight. Yoga is good. Biking is completely out the door unless I get handle bars that allow me to sit straight up and not put any pressure on my shoulders. Kickboxing is gone. Swimming isn’t so good until I’m stronger. Working at a computer for more than 20 minutes without standing up and moving around isn’t good. Working at the bench for more than 10 isn’t good.

After the first physical therapy appointment today, I can definitely tell how weak I am in my shoulders. I knew I hadn’t been able to lift heavy things, like a fully grocery bag or an empty pot (let alone a full pot), but I didn’t realize how little strength I had there.

Must be why I’ve never, ever, in my entire life, been able to do a pull-up.

My goal now is just to get strong enough to do normal life stuff, and then hopefully get back into being able to exercise (dive, bike) at some point after that.

But really? This kind of just sucks. And hurts a lot right now. I suggest you all buy stock in ibuprofen and/or aleve.

Arizona beat Utah, 84-71.

Other than a couple of tense plays when Utah got within 2 points, Arizona pretty much commanded the game. The whole game. They took off in the beginning and never really looked back. Just the way they should play all the time.

There may have been other teams better qualified to join in the Big Dance, but Arizona was put in the bracket, and I think they way they played showed that they deserved a shot. Which they got. Whee!

Pac-10 went 5 for 6. (Sorry, Cal.)

For us, next comes Wake Forest on Sunday. It’s a long shot, but who knows what might happen? (Or maybe Cleveland St can take out Wake Forest first and we’ll face Cleveland St? Yeah, we’re most likely, almost 100% positive, playing Wake Forest.)

And now we’re going to party like it’s 1997!

Just gotta find another hummingbird on Sunday, apparently!

EDIT: Cleveland St beat Wake Forest. Wow.

A hummingbird serenaded me today from a tree just outside the parking garage. Lovely.

I can be pretty good at keeping secrets in some ways.

Not when it comes to John, which is probably a good thing for our relationship. But if I’m asked to keep things a secret from him, I can and will. I’ll keep secrets even beyond the circumstances or people for which they’re being kept, though I suppose that at that point, the secret isn’t worth much.

In this sense, I love to know the gossip, but once I know it, it doesn’t go much further. John’s not going to share it with people, and in any case, I get a good amount of my gossip from him. I also get a lot of trade secrets and work secrets from him. Those can be hard to keep within our circle of friends from his work, but I do my best.

Perhaps the thing I’m best at keeping secrets about is from myself with respect to how I really feel, not how I want to feel. I’m pretty good at thinking I’m doing okay until something comes up that sets me completely off-balance. Then I’m forced to concede that the outlook isn’t quite as rosy as I’d like to believe. Ah well, we’re probably all like this, much as we don’t want to admit it.

But every once in awhile, a secret comes along that has me wanting to jump up and down and scream and tell the whole world. A week or so ago, I was given just such a secret. It’s driving me nuts not to be able to tell someone, anyone, beyond the few people who also know. And it’s such a wonderful, delightful secret.

Thus, I’m bursting with this news that I can’t share with anyone.

But, oh, yay, such wonderful news it is!

(And no, Brat, I’m not pregnant. Note that it’s not my secret, it’s just one that I’m keeping!)

Arizona went 19 and 13 this year, and 9 and 9 in the Pac-10. They had some quality wins, but a number of not-so-quality losses, too.

Common consensus was that they needed to go far in the Pac-10 Tourney to make it into the NCAA Tourney this year.

They lost their first game.

So when Sydney schedule her house warming party for today, Sunday, from 3-8pm, I figured I’d have something to do to keep my mind far away from the Selection Show.

So we went, we drank, we ate, we played games, we talked, we laughed. We had a great time, and met some really fun people, as well as reconnected with some others. We met Sydney’s new boyfriend, admired her new place, and talked about exploring her new town. We left behind some cake and pasta salad but came home with some tri-tip and some brownies. It was a lovely afternoon.

Upon arriving home, we lounged on the couch for awhile. We did the dishes from the afternoon of cooking some stuff to take to the party. We laughed at the cat when he put his head in my water glass and then got it stuck momentarily. We talked about the upcoming week, with me reminding him to remind me of my doctor’s appointments and him reminding me of his days off.

It wasn’t until John idly flipped back to the TV and Sports Center came on that I thought to check.

And then, there it was. Arizona. A 12-seed.

I don’t know by what grace they got in, but they did.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, come Friday, we’re dancing!

Scene: John and I are watching “Top Gear”, a British car show. I’ve fallen almost asleep on the couch.


Announcer: It’s even, you might say, a bit squidgy.

Me: Squidgy?

John: That’s what he said.

Me: As in squid?

John: I don’t know.

Me: What do squid have to do with cars?

John: Maybe it’s a British thing.

After having successfully justified my paycheck, my work and (it seems) my very existence yesterday to the four people who will someday (soon?) determine that I am to be the recipient of a fancy little piece of paper bearing my name and the letters “p”, “h” and “d”, I’m feeling pretty good.

No more health stress, no more work stress. Life is good.

Now I’ve just to got finish up the discussion section of the paper that they decided was “interesting” and “amazing” and “very cool” and get it to my boss within the next couple of days.

Piece of cake.

At least from the cloud I’m standing on. 🙂

As equally annoyed as I am with the fashion trend of ridiculously baggy pants, the opposite almost annoys me more.

The too-short suit pant.

Men: A pair of pants, suit or otherwise, should be long enough that the bottom of your cuffs hit the tops of the soles of your shoes.

There’s a reason we measure pant length to the ground when you’re standing bare-foot!


I worked in the men’s department at a clothing store for three years. There is a reason I know these random facts. Perhaps also a reason why it annoys me when it’s not done right! Bah.


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