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A lot of people have been graduating recently.

A person I know peripherally has graduated from 8th grade.

A person I used to know well in college and still keep in touch with defended his thesis last week, and was out here applying for post-doc positions this week. This was actually great timing–I got together with some other college buddies from the area, and we all hung out and reminisced, eventually shutting down two different bars. (Come to think of it, this is probably why I’m so exhausted this week. Good times.)

Another person I know here just defended her thesis today.

James F just graduated with his teaching credentials this past week–the party starts in a little over an hour!

Plus, a number of my classmates are aiming to graduate this year, and are probably walking at the ceremony here in two weeks.

Biggest and most important of all, my sister graduates next week with her masters degree from Harvard.

I wish them all big congratulations, and luck in all their future endeavors.

Overall, this is giving me hope that some day, I might join their lucky ranks. Maybe even in the not-too-ridiculously-distant future!


I know I haven’t been posting much, and sort of trivial things, but it’s because I’ve been figuring out how to deal with what I’ve been feeling–I figured working through it in my head was a lot better than rambling on forever here.

Also, I’ve been working on a paper a lot lately, so I’ve kind of not felt like writing anything else.

So, the truth is, I felt for awhile there like I was two people, one very happy and one not so happy.

I was given some advice awhile back–that I could choose to dwell and be unhappy and let things get to me, or I could move on and get over them and be happy with the way things were. Difficult advice to follow, to be sure, but I decided it was worth a shot.

So that is what I’ve been working on for the last month. I’ve really begun to feel like I can just be happy with myself and my life and my family and my friends and everything recently. But I also felt like if I tried to blog about it before I was ready, it’d come out all negative, which would defeat the purpose.

Now, though, I think I’m ready to go back to writing. And definitely ready to go back to being happy and self-confident and self-loving!

So here are some of the happy moments in the last month or so:

I got to help with an Advanced scuba class awhile back that Sydney took, and it was great to work with our staff and her. Plus, we had some cool dives. On our night dive, an otter came and hunted by the light of our lights. Sydney also found an octopus, which I’m hoping the otter did NOT find! I also saw my first eel, a monkey-faced eel, down in Carmel on the boat dive, which was pretty cool.

I threw myself a kick-ass enchilada birthday party, somewhat delayed to make room for the advanced class, and the weekend Sydney had her birthday party, and stuff going on at John’s work. We heated our little apartment up to toasty levels with three burners and the stove going, but it was an awesome evening.

I did a big presentation for my department, and it went well. I made it through the talk, answered all the questions fully (I hope), and was told afterwards by people that it was clear and concise and I did a good job.

I got to spend part of the past weekend with the lovely Julie and her adorable girl Ella, and even got a smile and a hug from her by the end of the day. (Specifically Ella, but Julie did smile and hug me, too!) There’s nothing quite like a baby’s smile to make all right with the world. Plus, it was great to hang out with Julie and her family! Now to just wait for the third member of her family to come visit…

And last, there’s a hummingbird nest in the bushes by our front door. The poor thing keeps dive bombing us whenever we come or go, and if we had another door, we’d use it. But in the meantime, it’s pretty cool to watch her, and I can’t wait for little hummingbird babies!

See, now how can life be dark and dreary when I’ve got all that going on?

Because, quite clearly, the bag full of extra, back-up, repair-type scuba gear, the sandy/salty mats we change on, and the shoe box are far more comfortable than, say, the carpet itself. (Fatty is the black-and-white one, and Skinny is the gray-and-white one. They’re brothers.)


Then again, someone did yak all over one of the couch pillows during the night, so maybe I should just be glad that most of the stuff they sleep on can be hosed off.

Except I’d rather not have cat yak in my extra mask, or my extra reg hose.

Silly beasts.


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