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We are, as of sometime yesterday, officially empty nesters.

Both babies were in their nest on Tuesday evening, but Wednesday morning, one was gone, and the other had flown by the evening. I think the nest simply wasn’t big enough for them to stick around any longer.

(Although, did you know hummingbirds weave spiderwebs into and around their nests to hold them together but allow for expansion as the babies grow? So cool!) (I googled.)

We’re both hoping they made it through their first flights safely, and have found food and shelter to replace the cozy accommodations Mama and Nest had made. I’m sad to see them go, but maybe she’ll come back and next next year?

The two hummingbird babies, days before fledging


You know it’s been a long couple of hours and days at work when you’re scrolling through titles of journal articles online and misread “decapeptide” as “decapitation”.

Clearly, a weekend is in order!

Oh, look, there’s one now!

Here’s the nest with the two little beaks pointing out of it (one at about 12:00 and the other at about 1:00). They cheep away like mad while mom’s out hunting down sustenance, except when we or our neighbor walk in and out of the walkway. I love seeing them when I leave in the morning, and returning to see them in the evening.

baby hummingbird beaks

Remember how we have a hummingbird nest right outside our door?

Well, MommaBird hadn’t been around in awhile, or at least not when I was coming and going from home, so I was a bit concerned.

And then, yesterday, as I was leaving the house, two little hummingbird baby heads were poking out of the nest to greet me.

So awesome, and a lovely start to a kick-ass Friday that ended with 21 people in an awesome scuba class (good lord that was tiring) followed by a home-cooked meal from Cara!

Just when I’m about to throw my hands up in despair over writing and rewriting my damned discussion 972 times and still not getting it the least bit right at all, something comes along to make me feel better.

After all, if a 96-year old man can pull all-nighters and earn his master’s degree, I can write a couple words, right?

(And when I’m done with the latest draft and have sent it off to various people to be torn apart again, I’ll tell you all about Boston.)

My sister graduated from Harvard today with a Masters in Higher Education.

And promptly got a job offer.

I couldn’t be prouder of her and her accomplishments of the past year!

Hi. My name is Sarah. I like to wear jeans. They’re comfy, and work for most occasions.

You make jeans. You’d think we’d have no problem then with the whole supply-demand thing, right?

Well, we do. Here’s the thing: I’m short (space-efficient, if you prefer). And my widest point, as it were, is not my hips but my thighs.

And you? Well, you make jeans for skinny people, and assume that merely sizing them up works for all other people. But if your jeans fit me in the waist, they tend to be a bit snug in the thighs. And if they fit in the thighs, I tend to be constantly pulling them up as they slide down my waist.

I realize not everyone is built the same, but I also realize…NOT EVERYONE IS BUILT THE SAME WITH JUST INCREASED PROPORTIONS. So maybe you could try making just a few versions of jeans that fit people like me? Basically, to be comfortable in the thigh and hip without being too big in the waist. And while we’re at it, my waist is at my waist, not higher!

Also while we’re at it, make them in petite. Again, just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m super skinny. It also doesn’t mean that I like to wear my jeans hiked up to my rib cage, or have my shins revealed every time I sit down. (Basically like you see on most 80 year old women. But I’m not 80. I’m just short.)

No, I prefer jeans that are just long enough to be stylish without dragging on the ground, and to still cover my socks/shins when I’m sitting. Yet you make petite jeans as if I’m 5′ instead of 5’2” and regular jeans as if I’m 5’8”. What about those of us in the middle there?

Or, if you do manage to make jeans that fit me, you only manage to make them fit in one area–either in length, or in shape. Do both!

So, jean-makers, I’ve been everywhere, to all sorts of stores, and you managed to close the only one that worked. Nice going. And now, once again, I’m on a desperate search for the right jeans.

This, this is why I hate shopping. And while I’m not threatening to become a nudist, I’m putting you on warning: Think of us “short, curvy” people once in awhile, mmkay?



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