Trivia questions:

There are three hockey teams in the NHL who’s names are not plural. Can you name them? (Admittedly, I got started on this from some blog a week or so ago that I can’t now remember, sorry.)

How about the NBA? How many and can you name them?

Or the NFL? How many and who are they?

And here’s some fun trivia for you, or possible trivia answers:

Hockey-related: Recently, the New Jersey Devils recorded the first home shutout since 1997 for a goaltender NOT named Martin Brodeur.

Men’s NCAA basketball-related:

The longest Division I men’s basketball game went five overtimes (Cincinnati defeated Bradley in 1981). The longest DII game went seven overtimes (Black Hills beat Yankton in 1956 for DII).

The record for DIII schools was just set by Skidmore v. Southern Vermont.

Here are some facts from it:

Skidmore set an NCAA all-division record with 69 points after regulation.

The combined total of 133 points in overtime is the most ever in a men’s NCAA game.

And finally…

The game had more rebounds than fans. 142 people came to watch, but the teams had a combined 166 rebounds. Another NCAA record.

Good for Skidmore and Southern Vermont. What a hell of a game.