Well, when I leave work in a few hours, I’ll officially have survived the going-into-work-for-40-days-straight. Of course, the point of this was to have nearly all the work done for the paper that I would then spend January writing and editing. Of course, the Science Gods have other plans in mind, and something really cool has come up that, while being really cool, will require a bunch more work in January. I’m clearly never going to be finished with this job.

But it’s still finally starting to feel like the holidays. The parties and dinners with friends are wrapping up, and tonight John and I set off on the trek to Iowa, with the hopes that Chicago won’t have airport delays tomorrow morning.

All our Christmas shopping is done, mostly wrapped and shipped back home. A few packages that were delivered straight there are waiting for wrapping paper, and then everything can go under the tree.

Of course, before then, we both have to finish work, pack, and get on a red-eye flight and make it home! But the end is in sight! And it’s an official white Christmas end! Huzzah!

And the thing that I’m going to be celebrating most this Christmas is the advent of a NEW JOB!! That’s right, I was offered the job I really wanted, in the lab I really wanted to join, doing the research that I’m super excited about. And every indication I have about this new job as far as people and work environment and expectations and everything is good. It’s making me super excited. Gotta finish the new job first, but I can’t wait to start the new one, maybe in February or March. Huzzah!

I hoep you all get what you’ve been wishing for for Christmas, and that if you travel, it goes smoothly and safely.