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Remember how I was going to get my hair cut on Wednesday?

Before I left….

“I’m off to get all my hair chopped off.”

“All of it?”

“Well, I might leave an inch or two.”

Apparently, when I decide to go short for the first time in 12-13 years, I don’t hold back. An inch is not far off in some places, especially the back, where it’s bobbed. My hair has not been this short since middle school. But it’s cute, and it’s growing on me, and I even managed to style it this morning after a bunch of tips from Amelia.

And after that, I had 5 glasses of wine (wine tasting event followed by dinner, I’m not a complete lush…yet). And a beer last night (carb loading for our bike ride, clearly).

When I apparently decide I like wine and beer, I don’t hold back either.

Or maybe it’s just been one of those weeks. Or one of those years.

But happy thoughts!

Cute new hair cut. Fun night out with John and Amelia and Alexander. Watched our intramural team win their soccer match yesterday. Good pizza and beer with Amelia and some other friends we ran into at Gordon Biersch last night. It’s going to be a predicted 89° in Chico on Sunday. It’s Friday and the weekend is here. Half my cloning worked.

And then this:
Balding penguin’s wetsuit lets him swim again

How awesome is that?


I’m not in lab. That’s right, I’m playing hookie. Or working from home, if you will. Annoying labmate was getting to be too much, and ex-labmate (she who screwed me over on my project) was coming by to visit and likely ask how things were going. So I chose to not go in and work at home.

And it helps that I had a nice breakfast. Soft boiled eggs over toast. Thanks, Daddy. I love that dish.

And I’m going to get my hair cut in an hour or so. If only I had remember this *before* slopping conditioner on my head. They’re going to wash my hair in just about 2 hours. It should just about be dry then.

And I’m going to wine tasting/dinner up in the city with John and Amelia and Alexander. We all need this break, and it’s going to be so tasty and fun.

It’s going to be a good day. I’m off to get it started.

After a great weekend, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That’s phrasing it damn lightly, too.

The weekend was all work and basketball. Not so great and really good.

Friday night basketball with Rhiannon and Amelia was good. Our boys beat Harvard 111-56 in a ‘battle of the brains’. Apparently we have all the brawn in the academic world.

Rhiannon jinxed us with a minute to go, when she said it didn’t really count if we didn’t at least double their score. And then someone, I forget who, promptly missed a free throw, resulting in one less than said double. Oh well, it was an awesome game with the student section jam packed. Plus the resulting mayhem that Rhiannon and and I went through after the game was pretty good too.

Saturday I was in lab all day trying to get DNA, and got only 2 of 5 preps to work. Eh, so, less work to do this week, given the approaching committee meeting and then a week off. I went off to run errand with Amelia, who’d brought me brunch in lab, which was good. Then we were off to watch Stanford trounce Northwestern State. 97-58, I believe. We didn’t quite hit 100–I think Drew Shiller didn’t make a final attempt just to be sports-gentlemanly, which is fine. It, too, was a good game, and John got to come to this one. Then we were all off to a friend’s house for a foosball tournament, which Amelia and I observed and John lost horribly in. I think we haven’t hung out in bars or frat houses recently enough to know how to play foosball.

Yesterday, Sunday, was another all-day lab day, plus basketball. I’d thought about posting while in lab, but didn’t get to it, and figured I’d do it in the evening. At the game, we beat UC Santa Barbara, but not handily, and they even led at one point. Probably good for our boys to realize that all the turnovers and fouls and whatnot do matter. They played better than the previous two games, despite the additional pressure from UCSB. 3-0 is a good way to start.

Then it was off to James and Cara’s house for pizza and Halo and Guitar Hero. John has been adopted by them since we don’t have Halo3, and I enjoyed the food. I was also a schmuck and took my computer and did work the whole time, though I didn’t have internet.

When we got home, I just went straight to bed. No posting.

And then when my brain woke up in the shower this morning, that was the first thing it realized.


It really pissed me off, as did the following conversation:

“So there’s this thing called NaBloPoMo, and it’s National Blog Posting Month, and I was doing it, and I forgot to post yesterday!”


“So, now I’ve screwed up!”

*look* “Why’s it so important?”

“It was just a goal, it was important to me. ”

“But did you get anything?”

“Well, you got entered in the drawing to win prizes if you did post everyday, I think.”

“Oh, well that sucks then.”

“Yeah, cause I was only doing it for a prize, too.”

ARGH! Heavy, heavy sarcasm there, people. So heavy, I’m surprised our house didn’t collapse.

And that was just the beginning of all people with Y chromosomes pissing me off.

The lab manager’s jokes aren’t funny, just annoying. Maybe it would have helped if they weren’t new. Or if they weren’t putting me down in a manner meant to be funny.

Steven’s pointed comments, which I’m ususally pretty good about lobbing back, just aren’t funny. I’m tired of being made fun of without ever getting a positive comment about anything. Being made to feel like crap at your job only goes so far, even when it’s supposedly jesting.

Alexander joined in, as apparently John complained that I didn’t give enough backrubs, and he and Steven decided this made me a bad wife.

At that point I fled to see Rhiannon, who offered me snickers bars. I promptly proposed to her, although Sam and John may have complaints about that.

Then, those 2 preps where I actually got DNA, and I’ve spent the last two days cutting and cloning and what not? Well, there’s DNA there, but it’s the wrong frickin’ DNA. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

So now Amelia’s taking me out for a drink (we’ll be the girls where one is alternately swearing and sobbing, while sitting at the bar), and then John and I are off to dinner with James M and his new girlfriend, where I plan to order the largest chocolate item on the menu and call it dinner.

I should probably warn James that I’m radioactive today. He has a Y chromosome, so undoubtedly something bad will happen.

Poor boys. I’ll try to get up on the right side tomorrow.

But could all of you do your part, and maybe give me a break once in awhile? It would help immensely when things are going so shittily.

And yes, that is a word, dammit.

One last note: No one yet has suggested PMS (and frankly, I’m not), but if anyone does, I won’t be held accountable for how far the body parts are strewn.

Ok, sorry for the wimpish posts the last two days. Maybe this will make up for it.

I was off to departmental retreat for about 36 hours. Amelia and Rhiannon and I drove down together to the spa/resort/hotel place that we stayed at. It’s a great place, with the most comfy beds I’ve ever slept in. What with all 5 of those pillows, I only missed John a little bit!

Retreat was pretty good—lots of good talks in the sense of people doing well, although not all of them were really interesting. Sorry, I’m a virologist, and I have to admit that bacteria and parasites just don’t interest me too much. But our class did an awesome job.

Talks went all day Friday, with breaks in between and lots of food at said breaks. Dinner was especially fun when Rhiannon and I went to peruse the dessert table. My reference to the little lemon desserts as ‘lemon puppies’, and our discussion of what a ‘tartlet’ was, and subsequent definition of ‘tartlet’ as baby whore, led to some funny discussion of having puppies and babies for dessert. Woot!

The poster session was good, too. I actually had people come look at my poster and ask questions, which was nice.

Our friend Alexander did his part to provide entertainment by having about 7 or 8 beers from the free beer/wine supply and getting fairly well smashed before we even truly started the party that followed the poster session. (Scientists are good drinkers, by the way.) Amelia and I were his self-appointed caretakers for the evening. We mixed him plenty of vodka tonics, with admittedly much more tonic than vodka as the evening went on, and propped him up while he told stories from the homeland involving farm animals, namely cows and donkeys. He was also very adamant about the beauty of the Romanian gymnastic team on the balance beam. We tried to steer clear of PIs, and succeeded for the most part. He successfully got home and even lived to make it to my talk in the morning.

My talk actually went really, really well. It was similar to the one I gave back in July, but had some new information in it. I got a handful of questions this time, all of them good. It was different to talk in front of microbiologists, instead of simply a bunch of virologist who all work on the same family of viruses I do. They knew less of the specifics, and thus seemed to have broader questions, which resulted in some new perspectives. Woot!

The ex-lab member showed up right at the end of my talk. Rhiannon, Amelia and I couldn’t figure out (a) WTF she was doing there, and (b) if she did come, why only for the last half of the last day, and (c) why, fortheloveofgodwhy?, did she only come after our lab talks. I mean, talk about a slap in the face. Walking in the door just as your ex-lab finishes? Way to be not supportive AT ALL!

So, basically, we refused to acknowledge her presence, and she did look out of place. I know it’s kind of bitchy, but technically she’s not part of the department currently, and the only reason she is even sort of part of the department was that she basically took a leave of absence from the program before they kicked her out. I’ve been told by the two most senior people in our lab (outside of Dr. M) that she’s not welcome back, but Dr. M is such a nice person that I’m still worried. Anyways, I’m pretty mad at her, what with having to fix all the mistakes that she created and then didn’t check for when she did a couple weeks’ worth of work on my project before I took it over. Yeah, all the reworking I’ve been doing? The recloning, and the repeating of 2.5 years worth of data? All because of her. Gah. So. Screw her.

Moving on.

Rhiannon, Amelia and I fled after lunch in order to make it back to the Stanford football game, where we lost horribly to Washington. We actually left in the third quarter, heading back to our place for pizza, beer, and TV. We figured watching the Arizona St.-Oregon game would be more interesting, and more comfortable. Sam and Steven joined us, and we pretty much lazed around. The three of us girls passed out during the games, as there wasn’t a lot of sleep at retreat, let alone in the week leading up to it, what with preparations and all.

Eventually people left and I zombie-walked into bed for a full night’s sleep, and then a tasty breakfast this morning of banana pancakes at John’s and my favorite place. He’s refusing to let me do any work today, although I’m going to break the rules later and set up some overnight cultures later. Shh, don’t tell him.

By the way, did you all remember to set your clocks back?????

Also, Arizona’s basketball season opens in 5 minutes with an exhibition game against Concordia University. So what are you still doing here?


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