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The theory, for Open Water scuba class, is always that we’ll do three dives Saturday, leaving only one for Sunday.

In some ways, this is really nice. Sunday is a much shorter day. Students have gotten all the hard skills out of the way, so the dive Sunday is more of a fun dive.

In some ways, this just sucks. Saturday is a really long day. It gets cold for some of the students. It wipes people out.

If conditions are great and the students are capable of it, we try it. Which we did this past weekend.

It went well, with the exception of the 4.5 hour surface interval between dives 2 and 3. We got out of the water at the end of the day at 5pm. We got to the beach at 6:45am. You do the math.

By the time we made it to the hotel, washed gear, hot-tubbed for a bit, and had dinner, we were all ready to hit the sack. I haven’t slept that hard in a loooong time.

But Saturday was pretty good nonetheless. The students all did really well. James F and I had four great people, a family of three and a random forth guy, all of whom were excellent. The people I ended up helping/rescuing (and wrenching my back pretty darn good in the process) weren’t from our class, i.e. our students were capable. There were some waves and some surge, but nothing insurmountable.

Decorator crabs were out in force, and the kelp is still growing nicely. Conditions improved in terms of visibility on dive 3, but got worse in terms of current and surge. I took my students out to the kelp beds, and we were getting funneled in and around the rocks pretty good, which meant I put an end to the dive as soon as the 20 minutes required by PADI were fulfilled. Ah well.

We have a new DMC in the group, Craig, and it was his first weekend helping. He did pretty well, but he’ll be the go-for guy for awhile, setting up floats and stuff. How nice not to be the bottom of the totem pole any more!

Post-dive relaxation was needed by all, and found us in the hot tub after washing gear. A couple students were there, two MDs-in-training from the area, and they weren’t the nicest people in some respects (seriously, betting on the overflow when larger people get in, in front of said person’s friends, is just plain rude). We also had a family, dad and two siblings, as students, who came to hang out with us too. They were much cooler and much more friendly, and I’d love to have them come hang out with us again.

After that, it was Chinese food, which we all pretty much inhaled, we were so hungry. I will not think about how unhealthy that stuff is, but it was damn tasty. Then the obligatory Dove bars and Cops, just for Greg, and we sat around talking after the students left. Wait, scratch that. Conversations? What conversations? Those alleged conversations never took place. I swear. Or plead the fifth.

And for the first time, we managed to get to bed at a decent hour. 10pm. Not bad, given that we’re usually up to welcome Sunday.

Sunday diving was better viz, and I found a lion’s mane nudibranch. Several, actually. I’d never seen one before, so that was cool. I also found a largish sole or flatfish of some sort, some huge crabs, some small decorator crabs, a Monterey dorid nudibranch, and a moon jelly for my two students. All in all, we did an impressive 30 minute dive, in terms of how well they did, how much air they had left, and what we saw.

Then, of course, there was paperwork.

In the afternoon, after showers, naps, and cleaning the gear, John and I watched the Yankees game. They won! Yay! As John pointed out, the Yanks were just letting Cleveland think they could win.

Of course, as we speak, the Indians are up 4-zip.


Anyways, think are back to hectic at work. The end of last week was spent doing minor tasks, nothing important, to check that all was in place for beginning all the correctional cloning I have to do to fix the mistakes that were made. And that’s what started today.

Oh cloning, how I loathe thee.

So instead, I’m off to cheer for Posada and the rest of my boys. They do have the bases loaded.

Just hope they go 2-2, not 3-1 like we did!

Now the score’s 4-1 and I’m off.



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