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Today, for example.

For starters, though I didn’t get the wine Abby suggested, I did get sushi. Amelia called while she was at work, and I was still at work, and we were both exhausted and cranky and tired. She wanted to know if John was working late–sometimes she feels like she’s intruding on our time together. I always tell her that if she is, I’ll let her know. In the mean time, she should feel welcome to include herself in our life.

In some ways, though I don’t wish her to stay single, I worry that when she finds someone, in the newness and specialness of a new relationship, I’ll fall by the wayside. As, possibly, it should be, but I hope we still have time for our lounging on the couch days during basketball season. You know?

Anyways. Sushi. Tasty. There was sake involved, but I’ve never been a big fan of it. And a lot of ranting by both Amelia and myself about our lab work, our labmates, her boss, the suckiness of life in general, and anything else we needed to get off of our chests. It was very cleansing. And tasty.

Then, today, I “slept in” until 9:15 or so, and then lounged in bed playing with the cats until 10. John, reading over my shoulder, claims that should read “then annoyingly woke my husband up”. Hrmpf. He can get a blog and then word it however he wants. In the meantime, we’ll stick with my version.

But it was a nice, relaxing way to wake up, and waking up naturally when your body’s rested is always a good feeling. Then there were Dutch babies for breakfast–mmm. And basketball and catching up on email and general lounging.

Amelia had a meeting with her boss, the current bane of her existence, and then she and I went off to meet with Jenny, the old admin for our department. Amelia needs some advice on how to deal with her boss, and we figured Jenny would be appropriately supportive and motherly and wonderful, which she was. It was exactly what Amelia needed.

Then we went to a very late Chinese New Year’s party for some incredibly tasty food, and came home just in time to see Memphis lose to Tennessee. They didn’t play like they deserved to win, but it would have been nice to see.

However, I’ll take what I get, as that includes Arizona’s win over Washington State. And really, the girls from Washington State who sat behind us at the Pac-10 Tournament last year were annoying enough that I’m not a big fan of Wash St. And the name “Cougs”? Cou-gars, for pete’s sake. Ah well, that’s just nitpicking, and Arizona won so I shouldn’t be bitter.

But really, today went really well. And tomorrow is a bit of lab work, the Stanford-Cal game (which we’d better win), and probably more lounging.

Oh, and I’ve been promised eirefaunkuken. Or however you spell it. German egg pancakes from my 100% German husband. He’s very proud of that. I keep telling him he better not mind if his kids aren’t, cause I have little to no German in me. Czech, yes. Bermudan, yes. German? Maybe, if you go back far enough. And tilt your head to the left. And squint. But regardless, breakfast should be tasty.

I’ll try to post the recipe soon. Especially if someone can tell me how to spell it correctly.


Walking in to work this morning, I heard a voice call my name.

Last time that happened, it was Elizabeth, who’d just arrived for MedSchool and recognized me.

This time, it was Jenny, the ex-student admin for our department. Jenny is the nicest, most wonderful, motherly, loving, understanding, accepting and easy-going person I have ever met. If I ever got to pick a second mother, she would pretty much be The List, with the possible exception of Dave’s mom, who’s also pretty wonderful.

Example: When I was here for interviews, I was still taking my anti-diabetes medication, which caused me to somewhat regularly wake up in the middle of the night and toss my cookies. Sadly, I made it to the bathroom of the hotel room but still managed to get said cookies all over my pajamas. The next day, I asked Jenny if, during some free time, I could go find a laundromat. I had two days of interviews here left, and then was headed to UNC. Jenny told me to just have the hotel do the laundry, charge it to the room, and the department would pay for it. Granted, not her money, but she let me do it, and then spent the rest of the time making sure I was okay and everything. It was so wonderful, and she really was one of my top reasons for coming here for school.

Sadly, she took time off to have a baby, then another baby, and then be a stay-at-home mom for awhile, so she was only around for a little bit at a time once I actually got here. When she decided she wanted to come back, the department only had a part-time position, having already hired someone for her old job, but still needing help for that person. She wanted full-time, and moved on.

But then I saw her today, and she’s back on this side of campus, and my day went from 0 to great in the time it took for her to call out my name. We talked only briefly, about John, diving, research, the nearness of my graduation, her kids, her new job, but it was a wonderful couple minutes.

Do you ever have someone in your life who can just brighten everything, even with brief exposure? That’s how Jenny is.

And suddenly, even doing a bunch of harvests today wasn’t that bad, even if I did have to work with the incompetent labmate.

Coupled with an hour of coffee and gossip with Rhiannon, life is great.

AND we leave for vacation in 5, count ’em, 5 days.



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