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Yes, I know I promised trip stories, and they’re in the works, but I had to first take care of a ton of stuff upon arriving home–mail to sort, scuba classes to deal with, birthdays of friends to attend (gee, tough, that one!), getting stuff together for this festival I’ve been invited to attend in a month or so, getting things at work back up and running. You get the point.

But I do have a good excuse for why I didn’t start yet.

Because last night, I was celebrating! My first paper about some of my PhD work was accepted, after a round of editing and then a round of rebuttals about extra experiments. But accepted nonetheless! For publication! By me!


There was champagne, and this morning was a little fuzzy.

It was lovely. 🙂

But yes, the stories will start soon.


Yesterday, I can home to a wonderful thing:

No neighbor.


Two years ago, a new guy moved into the apartment that we share a bedroom wall with. We had several problems with this.

The first came from sharing a bedroom wall. His girlfriend was… rather much. I’m sure you get the picture (or, you know, the sound track for it). Ick! I’m sorry, no one is that good for that long. She’s overly loud, or she fakes it. I’m betting on the second.

The second was that he (and she) were just super loud in general. When they’d talk, we’d be part of their conversation, like eavesdropping, only we could never avoid it. He’d spend a lot of time on his cell phone in the backyard having random conversations, all of it drifting over into our yard and into our house and into my peace and quiet.

This was especially super bad when they would come home drunk from the bars around 2:15, with absolutely no sound control whatsoever. And bring friends. And stay up and continue partying until 3 or 4 or 5am. On weeknights.

The third was he smoked. All the time. And while I think it’s unhealthy, I’ll admit he can do whatever he wants to his body. I just didn’t appreciate all that smoke drifting over into our apartment and house, especially our bedroom when I was trying to fall asleep.

We complained to our apartment manager about the noise level, since the city here is nice enough to have sound ordinances and curfews after 10pm. We never mentioned the smoking, since it was his life.

But now?

He’s gone, and our lives are blessedly quiet and smoke-free.

Maybe we can once again reclaim our backyard. Having been avoiding close(r) proximity to him, and therefore using our backyard at all for about two years, it’d be really nice to get back into the habit of sitting on the porch in the evenings, or grilling for dinner and eating out there.

Or just enjoying the peace and quiet.

*contented sigh*


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