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Hi. My name is Sarah. I like to wear jeans. They’re comfy, and work for most occasions.

You make jeans. You’d think we’d have no problem then with the whole supply-demand thing, right?

Well, we do. Here’s the thing: I’m short (space-efficient, if you prefer). And my widest point, as it were, is not my hips but my thighs.

And you? Well, you make jeans for skinny people, and assume that merely sizing them up works for all other people. But if your jeans fit me in the waist, they tend to be a bit snug in the thighs. And if they fit in the thighs, I tend to be constantly pulling them up as they slide down my waist.

I realize not everyone is built the same, but I also realize…NOT EVERYONE IS BUILT THE SAME WITH JUST INCREASED PROPORTIONS. So maybe you could try making just a few versions of jeans that fit people like me? Basically, to be comfortable in the thigh and hip without being too big in the waist. And while we’re at it, my waist is at my waist, not higher!

Also while we’re at it, make them in petite. Again, just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m super skinny. It also doesn’t mean that I like to wear my jeans hiked up to my rib cage, or have my shins revealed every time I sit down. (Basically like you see on most 80 year old women. But I’m not 80. I’m just short.)

No, I prefer jeans that are just long enough to be stylish without dragging on the ground, and to still cover my socks/shins when I’m sitting. Yet you make petite jeans as if I’m 5′ instead of 5’2” and regular jeans as if I’m 5’8”. What about those of us in the middle there?

Or, if you do manage to make jeans that fit me, you only manage to make them fit in one area–either in length, or in shape. Do both!

So, jean-makers, I’ve been everywhere, to all sorts of stores, and you managed to close the only one that worked. Nice going. And now, once again, I’m on a desperate search for the right jeans.

This, this is why I hate shopping. And while I’m not threatening to become a nudist, I’m putting you on warning: Think of us “short, curvy” people once in awhile, mmkay?




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