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Bad news comes in threes, right?

Friday, we found out that John’s aunt has breast cancer. In both breasts.

Saturday, we found out that my great uncle had a rare form of lymphoma–and that it had already traveled to his lungs and kidneys.

Sunday, after leaving here and arriving in the town in which my great uncle and aunt live, my mom ate dinner at a restaurant starting with “mc” and ending with “onalds” and possibly connected with a “d”–and promptly got food poisoning.

So that was our three.

Now here are three requests:

John’s aunt has surgery Thursday–a double mastectomy–please keep her in your thoughts.

My great uncle died yesterday, and I found out this afternoon–please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

And my mom recovered. Thank god. But any of you who want to keep her in your thoughts anyway, in the hope that her cancer never comes back, are more than welcome to do so.

It’s been a tough day. Kind thoughts are much appreciated.


Apparently I jinxed the Sharks by talking about how they were a good team and all.

They lost last night for the first time in regulation play at home. (They’d had 3[?] overtime losses at home already.) Had to (theoretically) happen sometime, and as James F put it, everybody’s seen them win at home but we’ve seen them lose at home!


Now hopefully they can get back on track and stop coasting along. It takes work to stay at the top, and that’s where we all want them come play off time.

Aside from the loss, though, we had a lot of fun. We had two sets of three seats, two rows apart, so we sat girls and boys, and were still close enough that we could call out to one another. Shelly, Cara and I had a blast, and I’m sure the boys did, too, although they might have paid marginally more attention to the game than us.

Also, our seats were back and above the Flames’ goalie for the first and third period, so we had good views of one of the goals and a lot of the scrimmages. And I swear the third goal that the Sharks scored in the third period, but that no one counted.

Apparently the folks in Toronto who review these things didn’t agree with us. Clearly the 17,000+ of us in attendance were right, too! Majority rules, right?

Happy Friday!

Does it weird anyone else out when street lights right above/in front of them go out? Because it does me.

It also doesn’t make me too happy when I arrive at work 2 hours early, but leave more or less at the same time. On the bright side, I suppose I could have left two hours later.

Two of my samples have switched identities. This throws everything up in the air.

We’re having gyros for dinner. With french fries. From the diner down the street. No dishes to do. Huzzah!

I’m so looking forward to having Thursday (mostly) and Friday (mostly) and Saturday and Sunday off. I need a break.

Basketball tomorrow night despite the freakishly long day. I’m going to try to get Sydney in on John’s ID. We’ll see how well that works. If not, she and I will find something else fun to do.

I love the days when John remembers to turn the porch light on for me. So comforting.

I just performed my last secretarial duty for a local club. Well, okay, I’ve got to run by the bank (ok, twice), and co-sign some more checks, and help with the holiday party… Damn. I thought I was done.

Why do cats prefer to lay on things other than carpet? Shoes, paper, random boxes, the mail. Wouldn’t the carpet itself be more comfortable? Or the couch? With the blankets?

Elizabeth and Mark are lovely people. They’ve offered to look in on the rabbit while we dog sit down south. Of course, it would help if I had a key to give them… Damn.

Why do I always wind up with holes in the front of my shirt, about where a belt buckle would be? That is, if I wore a belt. I can’t explain them and I don’t like them.

Homemade french bread is the best thing ever. And coincidentally, just about the only thing to eat in our house. Sadly, we’re now out of bread flour.

Dammit, that’s why I was thinking we should drive to get dinner and go get Mexican. Tasty, plus we could stop at Safeway on the way home and buy essentials like milk and cereal and food in general.

I’ve been using the word “damn” a lot. Hrm. This doesn’t bode well.

There are only two more Wednesdays in my Freakishly Long Gigantic Experiment. Oh, and the prep day Tuesdays, the follow-up day Thursdays, and the final analysis days of Monday and Tuesday.

Soon, ten weeks of the past year of my life will be wrapped up in 3 excel graphs and some pictures. One fifth of my year. I’m not sure if that’s comforting or depressing. Either way I should get a paper out of it. I hope.

We got new phones. The texting sucks. I’m giving mine about a week longer to make me happy, then taking it back and trading it in.

Is 8:30pm too early for bed??

One of John’s co-workers got to work on time this morning, but was immediately followed by her aunt and fiance. Apparently her brother was killed late last night/early this morning when he stopped on a road near Reno to help a guy change his tire, and then was hit by an oncoming car. The brother was an ex-shop employee. I can only hope the end was swift and painless.

And the big boss is no where to be seen. The only info John or anyone else has is that when the aunt stopped by his house to let him know (the big boss and the co-worker’s family are friends), no one was home and a neighbor told the aunt that the big boss had been taken away in an ambulance early this morning. No one can reach him or his wife, and the manager boss is currently calling all the hospitals in the area.

It’s not safe to be a former/current employee there today, apparently.

There had better not be a plane crash on the way to Cozumel today, or we’ll be 3 for 6 of the people who are the full-time or close to full-time employees.

Drive home safe, love.

Edit at 3:30pm: Apparently, rumor on the street is that big boss’s body started to reject the heart stent that he had put in a year or so ago. Or possibly there was blockage around the heart stent? In either case, if the ambulance had taken him to the hospital he ASKED TO BE TAKEN TO, he’d be dead right now, because it was 10 minutes further away. Let that be a lesson–listen to your ambulance driver, dammit! And take care of your body, dammit!

I’m not superstitions, except for sports.

And my theory was, and had held true for two years and 3 games, that if the Astros and the Giants played at AT&T park, and someone scored 4 runs, they’d win.

Happened 2 years ago, at least at the game I went to with Amelia and John.

Happened last year for every game.

Happened for the first three games of this past series. We went to the first two, and I saw the third on TV, then watched the ESPN Gamecast of the 4th.

In the 4th game, the Giants scored 4 first, and ended up with 7. They should win, then, right?

Then the Astros scored at least 4.

Ah, the calamity!!

Then they scored 4 more.

And won, 8-7.

New Theory: Whoever scores 4, or a multiple of 4, first, wins.

That still works, right?

The weather, the last couple of weeks, has been strange.

It’s been calm and cool, with hazy mornings and almost-cold evenings.

If we were still in the Midwest, it would be the sort of weather where it’s 90° with horrendously high humidity, and the hazy on the horizon would be an approaching thunderstorm. I’d be subconciously checking for where my family, friends, pets were, and aware that I might need to check weather reports for tornado watches and warnings.

Other than the humidity, I love those storms. They come rolling across the plains, so powerful and so full of lightening.

Growing up in Arizona, I used to lay awake and watch the monsoons come rolling in off the mountains, full of thunder and lightening that would eventually lull me to sleep. I’ve always loved the power of those storms.

However, in the midwest, I became very aware of how that power could mean destruction as well.

(And sadly, why is it that tornados always seem to hit trailer parks? You think it’s a myth, until you see it happen over and over and over and over again.)

Here, when I got outside, I’m not immediately suffocated by the humidity. It’s cool instead of hot. The haze never moves closer, never materializes into anything.

It’s as if the weather is waiting for something. What, I’m not sure, but that’s the impression I get.

Then, today, there’s wind. The trees are not quite whipping around, but definitely more than a gentle breeze is moving them. It’s still cool, and there was still a bank of clouds out on the coastal range this morning. But now its as if the waiting has become restless.

I don’t really believe in weather omens, but sometimes I wonder.


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